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Frozen Crab Claws

Proper handling by the manufacturer is the most critical factor to establishing good quality shelf life of pasteurized crab meat. Shelf life is the storage time that a product has between the time of production and the time when it is no longer suitable for consumption. Processors must follow a stringent set of guidelines and record each step of production to create a product that will offer a maximum shelf life to home consumers, retailers, and food service facilities. Our process is inspected & meets HACCP standards.

Storage temperature is a crucial factor in maintaining shelf life. Product that has undergone the pasteurization process and is stored between 32-35ºF will have a shelf life of up to one year. Buyers and users of large quantities of pasteurized crab meat need to maintain cool rooms at 32-35ºF and rotate the inventory so that the older meat is used first. Limited short-duration rises in cool room temperature (though not more than one hour at a time), even as high as 40ºF, are not critical.

Crab Meat Packages

As winter approaches, most crabs will bury themselves in the mud and shallow grassbeds of the Bay. Female crabs will remain in the higher salinity waters of the lower Bay, whereas males will remain in the upper portions, migrating to deeper waters to spend the winter months. little or no growth occurs from December to March, but when the temperature begins to rise, crabs become more active, begin feeding and searching for a mate.