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Our crabs are caught and delivered live every day. We provide a variety of crabmeat styles – available fresh or pasteurized, which provides a 12-month shelf life for year-round availability.


Domestic Crab Meat is available in five grades and three packaged forms: fresh, pasteurized or frozen.

Jumbo Lump – The Jumbo Lump grade is processed from the large muscle connected to the two rear swimming legs. This is the premium grade of a true blue crab (callinectus sapidus), white in color with a delicate but firm texture, pleasing aroma and a sweet, flavorful taste.

Regular Lump – The Regular Lump is processed from the body cavity of the blue crab. It has the same flavor profile as the Jumbo Lump but with smaller pieces of meat. Great for crab cakes and stuffed crabs.

Special – Picked from the upper cavity of the blue crab, the Special grade is the most economical of the white meats, used for all dishes where economical products are needed.

Claw Meat – Claw Meat is processed from the claws of the blue crab, is brownish in color, and is slightly more pronounced in flavor and texture. It holds up well in crab salads, stuffings and soups.

Cocktail Clawfingers - Picked from the ends of the blue crab’s claws, the meat is left attached to the “feather” of the finger. Primarily used as an appetizer, it is commonly served “as is” with a remoulade sauce, marinated and served in a crab salad or deep fried and served with a seafood cocktail sauce.