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We provide a variety of live blue crabs: male, female or the ultimate “Number One” sized males — the largest, meatiest blue crabs available! You can also purchase soft-shell crabs, perfect for frying or for use in an assortment of delicious meals.


Live and packed to order:

#1 Jimmy Crabs – 6.25” and up, fat with acceptable meat fill, 45# per case

#2 Medium Males – 5.25” – 6.25”, fat with acceptable meat fill, 50# per case

#3 Females – Fat adult female crabs with roe, 5.25” and up, 50# per case


Whole Crabs, Cooked to Order, Available Fresh or Frozen :

#1 Jimmy Crabs – Available in Retail-Ready 3-Packs or in 18 lb bulk cases

#2 Mixed Crabs – Available in 18 lb bulk cases